Believe in yourself and you will succeed! Follow your dreams and you will be happy!

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Here I am after almost one year of silence! Do you ask yourself what have I done meanwhile?

Ooh, the answer is, of course, for those of you who are wandering… I should tell you from the beginning that 2014 was a fabulous year! (No, I should write it FA-BU-LOUS!!)  Yes, it really was! Lots of changes in my life, lots of new activities and a full year weekend planned! I am sorry that I haven’t shared with you all of that. I’ll try now to keep up and may be to remind you some of the beautiful activities from last year. (the chronology of writing was keeping me blocked for so much time, there were so many things to write about, that I gave up).

I should addmit that I had some reasons not to write until now, most of them were just excuses.  But listen,  last weekend I participated at a seminar with Gerry Robert (many thanks for Corina Alexandrescu from Be you Club for inviting me there)and it was absolutely inspiring, it was about writing a book. After the second day of the seminar I received a comment on my blog from Adrian Gabor (I don’t even know him) who gave me wonderful news. He said me that he heard about my blog from Marius Stoicescu (one of the best teachers from Physical Education and Sports University) at the course.

Before I fell asleep, I said to myself: „Is that possible that, after 2 years from my graduation, people still remember about me that way?!” (2 years from the graduation of the Master, 4 years from the Bachelor)

Woo-ho hooo, this is a wonderful reason to restart my writing session, don’t you think?!

So let’s make some resolutions, it’s still the beginning of the year, right?! Last year I had two objectives: one of them was to leave home in an active way all the weekends (and God knows how, but I was travelling and hiking and jumping all around 90% of the weekends) and the second one was to meet new people, to make new friends (tick; what was so interesting in this one, was that I desired it so deep in my mind, that I have done almost nothing physical to stick together people, they just appeared and became friends, we share the same hobbies).

This year, I want as you can see, to keep an old promise (from 2012) that I should write my blog in English, at least parts of it, even if I am not perfect at all, but I’ll do it as an exercise to improve it. (so please be kind!!)

I’ll keep travelling as much as I can, I miss mountains already!

I’ll try to attend as many courses to improve my work and my skills. (2 years passed already from my graduation) I need to be updated!!

…and there are lots of other things to do this year, but there is one much more important than everything: To keep a smile on my face everyday no matter what, and to find those beautiful blessings in my life! Because we should go to sleep in gratitude! You can do this as well, your life will change, you’ll see! 2014-12-14 11.58.13

Belive in your dreams no matter what! You CAN DO IT!! (I remembered that at Gerry Robert’s bootcamp, and I needed so much last days!!)


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