Believe in yourself and you will succeed! Follow your dreams and you will be happy!

Checking my mail last days I saw a newslater from Lucian Mandruta, the initiator of the event: „Biking to the sea” (Cu bicicleta la mare) and I noticed that I have no article written about one of my biggest change in my habbit last year.

It’s time for memories, so let’s open the box!

10264922_760375457329556_508537974367526058_nAfter the experience from Denmark, when I was an Erasmus student (2012) and I discovered the habits of a healthy lifestyle, I changed a lot. I felt that biking was so deep inside myself and I had the opportunity to reveal it! It was like an old dream come true.  Back in Romania, rehabilitation of this new hobby was tough. I had no friends practicing it, and you know, sometimes you need an extra motivation to do something.

Than, came the next step I made, I started to rent bikes and walk into the Bucharest parks, or attended different events like Green Detectives or Skirt Bike. And everything aroud changed, I discovered Bucharest in other way, which was amazing and I still kept in my mind the fire fly (it was the nickname of my danish bike).

I heard about the event with Lucian Mandruta in 2013, but I missed the registration. So I started 2014 more determined! The decision had already been taken! After that I found out that one of my friends was also submitted (Mihaela) so I was not alone in this crazy plan. She was at the second parcipation so she had more experience than me. I don’t even had a bike by my own, I borrowed it from my brother in law!

10151302_760375673996201_8692038919504553275_nI should admit that, before the long awaited weekend, I had only one long trip by bike to Cernica (no more than 40 kilometers) with Mihaela and her friends and some more indoor cycling classes because that time I was teaching. My experience in outdoor was so little. But on the other hand, the desire was so strong. (God I was dreaming about this event for 2 years!! and as a joke, I remember that when I was in high-school I promised my mom that one day I will come home from Bucharest by bike, even if that time I had no bike, and no experience at all in biking ).

Almost one year passes from that two days I was biking to the Black Sea! Starting from that weekend, bike was part of my life in 2014, because my life changed. You can try it by yourself and you’ll see.

Biking is like running, you and your mind, your energy, your power, your thoughts, your plans, and the path. Just follow it…or I can say create it! 

I remember the first day of the event, a sunny and windy day with so much power. We missed the group, as we made a short stop with quite new friends from geocaching into the forest to find a cache (hidden box) but it was a wonderful day even so.

I remember the sun was caress my face, the fields of rapeseed and sun flower were so like an energizer, my inside voice who was telling me that „I can do it!” And laughting sessions from Dragos-Voda when we were making rhymes with the names of the streets with Florin,  the critical point from Dragalina when I was so determinted to finish the event by bike and not by bus, even that we were at the end of the string. I remember that I saw a wonderful sunset on the left side of the road before entering in Slobozia city, and I had a feeling that I have unlimited resources for my plans and my ideas. That was awesome!! That’s the freedom that you feel walking by bike, man, and it’s worth it! 10154308_760375917329510_24295603539553019_n

The evening at the hotel when happy for the first day achievement I was dancing with Mihaela, in the shocked eyes of the others! They were all believed that we came by bus. Lucian Mandruta in his person asked us that, and we were lauthing and answered the question: „No! we were biking and we were singing all the day, it’s time for dancing!”

The second day came with other objective! It was to keep up the group and to feel the group energy, so that we missed it the day before. I dit it so well, I talked with so many people on the way, it was fun, great and inspiring! One by one, my friends were gaving up, the sky looked like it was to start a storm, it was following us all the day. 10268725_760376120662823_1974461537510988558_n

And I remember the first step on my homeland. Ooh, God, you have to fill this once in your life! It’s like you were fighting in the war and than you are home again. I saw the road sign with 22 kilemters to Medgidia and 42 kilometers to Navodari. So i called my Mom: „Hei, I’m at a stone’s trow, you can go to the finish line!” I felt the energy of the homeland and the energy from my family who always believed in me, so helped to push my limits!” After I passed Mihail Kogalniceanu and all the hills were over, I felt once again that my energy was increasing, so inevitably the second funny joke came from the others: „You’re on drugs, aren’t you?!”

Ooh, I was biking like hell, I don’t even remember a running race finished like this, no pain, no exhaustion, only enthusiasm! I saw my father, i screamed, I had 200 meters to the finish line and he was running behind my bike. I felt my heart out of my chest! I swear! At the finish line my mother, one of my friends from Medgidia with  her twins, and all the friends I was biking with:Mihaela, Mihai, Florin, Robert, Lucian were aplausing me and screaming „Veverita” (Squirrel)! Such memories can’t be forgotten! 10155679_760376150662820_719587544229133740_n

I left my bike and I  started to jump. I don’t even understand how could I jump after 310 kilometers in 2 days, hills, impressive effort regarding my experience ultil that day! I was screaming too. (and if you know me, you know what that means!)

I couldn’t believe it until I returned home that night and I put my head on the pillow and I started to cry. It was a dream came true those days. So i should thank you all for the opportunity, was worth it! Thanks for the support Mom and Dad, Tania and her twins (God,it was such huge motivation to know you are at the finish line) Mihaela, Mihai, Florin, Lucian, Robert (on the way to the seaside) Ivona and Florin (supporting me from home, and giving me the bike) Ana, Oby, Vraji (the day we met).10264306_832589663422684_7063391018884006531_n

Congratulations for the organisation of the event Lucian Mandruta! That weekend changed my life! I was biking all summer-autumn long lots of kilometers and lots of memories, new friends and new horizon line! 

And for those of you who are interested, you can submit for the next event this year!

I still have lots of plans for this year! Lots of paths are waiting to be discovered!! Feel free to join me! (special thanks for the photos to Bogdan Iordache)


Comments on: "How did I start to bike? You can also do it!" (2)

  1. veverito de ce nu scriem in romana????? hai cu noi pe 1 mai

    • Evelina Rustem said:

      Heeei, am vorbit cu MIha chiar ieri de planurile de 1 mai si sa nu carecumva sa indrazniti sa nu ma luati si pe mine! Da, o sa revin la un moment dat si la limba romana pe blog, insa e un obiectiv mai vechi sa fac blogul international si pentru prieteniile mai vechi! 🙂 Ai putina rabdare! 😀

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