Believe in yourself and you will succeed! Follow your dreams and you will be happy!

Last evening I had a precious view on the window, the gradient of the twilight, all the colors of the rainbow after the sunset. I don’t know if you noticed it before, but you can try to catch it on the serene evening sky! It will change all your thoughts or your state of mind. 

And because I have lots of things to share with you about sky and stars, I decided to finally tell you some!

First time when I remember I paid attention to the rain of stars in August 13th was in high-school. We were a group of children very enthusiastic about it, we were waiting for the night to fall down and found a place to watch it in Medgidia. Ohh I saw lots of stars falling, and it was absolutely magical. Then, two policeman appeared and asked us to show our documents and to give our names, even if we were behind the stadium, not a strage place at all, and we were doing noting bad, that thing scared me a lot. ia cu stele 2

The coming years aroused me with lot of curiosity to learn more constelations and stars and to see the night sky from different places. I started to walk on the streets with my eyes sticked on the sky. (as I am doing nowadays too) I desired to see the nightsky from the top of the mountains and even if I remeber that in 2006 in Fagaras I lost one big opportunity to feel the sky on my shoulders and to wave some stars into my hair, it was a good start!

Now, that most of us have a smart phone, the curiosity can be easily satisfied. Google sky is one of the application I use to find out new stuff on the sky, but of course you cannot be so sure on it! You need at least one very well known object on the night sky to have it as a landmark.(a star or a constelation, let’s say: Cassiopea, Ursa Major, Orion)

Because three years ago I moved in a district where ground houses are prevailing I had the opportunity to watch the sky and ste stars every time I came home. From the tube to my door I sticked my eyes on the night sky, and God, it’s such a feeling! 

Watching the night sky it’s a hobby I had deep inside myself, the sky and the moon were always kind of relaxing and meditation quality time I spent. When I was also in high school, I always loved to sleep in the moon light, so I always changed my position in bed so that I can felt the moon light on my face. ia cu stele

Last year I had quite a lot sky watching sessions. I haven’t skipped one single night at the mountains watching the sky and the wonderful stars, Magura, Oradea, Ponor, Cluj, Comana, Retezat…such a blessing to remember by whom belong to. 

I bought some books about stars and constelations, I syncronized my calendar with the Astronomical Institute (so that I can be informed all the time), I exchanged postcards with constelations, I listened everybody who had something to say about that… and I was just so mesmerized! (oh, this is one of my favorite words). 

I have to share something with you, dear. Last summer we were for the first time with someone specialized aboud stars and astronomy and I felt like recommending them, it was an inspirational night out. Drums-beats: taaaa naaaaa „Ia cu stele”

I found out lots of information that night, near Comana park, I had the opportunity to watch through a telescope and a binocular and to understand what I saw. Everything was like a story, I felt the good vibes and the positive energy in their voices. Almost  20 people laying back on an empty field into their sleeping bags and dazzling at every falling star. You cannot understand such a feeling without being there! It’s good to know that they organize group watching sessions outdoor, Sky photography tips,  and different trips to share the information and the special events from the sky! You can join too!ia cu stele 3

Last night was full moon, and even though, the stars were so clear and shiny. Take a deep breath and wait again that clear sky to wash out the doubts inside you, all the fears and negativity! The night has it’s bright side too!

Comments on: "Watch the sky, the stars and the beautiful Univers! You are part of it!" (1)

  1. Hey Veve! Check Coursera’s webpage. At this moment they have a course that could be interesting for you : Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space.
    I don’t have so much ‘experience’ in watching the sky like yo have but I also love it 🙂
    I wish you a clean sky tonight!

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