Believe in yourself and you will succeed! Follow your dreams and you will be happy!

Yes, mountains are always calling, and we must go! Discussing with some friends last days, we started to plan something for the next weeks. More than that I woke up this morning and read an old article about Cheia and Ciucas an old trip with my Cherries. Ooh, and what a blessing for cold and windy days to have memorries to warm your soul. 

blog2014 was a full weekend planned! I was surrounded by special people, with amazing plans and ideas, with such a great thirst for life. I admire you all, be sure you have a special part in my heart, for now and forever! We shared our dreams, we hiked to the top, we helped each other on the way up and we told storries and we sang songs. A great adventure!

Until this morning, I was telling all around that the trip from Retezat was my first trip ended late in the night, walking through the dark forest. How could I forget about Ciucas, when we were at a very beginning, we had only one flashlight (with its low batteries) and the full moon up on the sky to guide our steps.

From 2009 until now, I can say that I gained experience thanks to the people I met, and the storries we shared. Mountains are always coming with new challenges, with lessons, with blessing. It clears your mind as a sponge, because up there is only yours soul retrieved in the nature. Feelings flooding your body, your mind and such a silence, even the voice from your mind will shut up. That’s what mountains are always teaching me! 

After one day walking, you’ll return home with a fresh mind ready for the upcoming week, with more inner power, tonned body, and more important than everything: real friends with whom you’ll already planned the next weekend. That’s the way it works.  If you don’t have a plan to think about together, than you should look for someone else dear! 🙂

This article should be a thank you one for my family who managed to transmit me this passion for nature and hiking from a very early age, for my high-school teachers who aroused me with trips and camps. I am what I am because of you my dear, and I feel so grateful.

I remember the years when we had a backpack and usual equipment, not very sophisticated and we went to the mountains between two shifts of my father’s work, from Medgidia, spending tho nights on the train and one on the top of the world. I hope I’ll be able to transmit the same model to the people I met, to the children I teach and to my future family. 

I also remember that I had 3 large fears on the mountains, that I learned to face during years! Wild animals, Raining, and the night.

Raining is sometimes so nice to feel, when it’s not a storm. Wearing a colorful raincoat is such a nice experience. At the end, everything resumes to your equipment, if you are prepared for the upcoming weather, and you consider forecast, .

Walking into dark forests and listening only your steps can be a scary experience but, wearing a frontal flashligh can change it into an interesting experience if you have idea about the path and experienced enough people around. I noticed last summer that some of the paths had fluorescent signs, what means a real help. You can also use a GPS track and other devices that can ease your trip. But not to forget to remind you about the moment when we are in the middle of a meadow and we are all silent, switching off all the flashlights. The next moment you’ll feel all the stars on your shoulder, and if you are easily impressed as I consider myself, you’ll feel a tear in your eye corner.

I left the wild animals at the end. Maybe you ask yourself, who I met into the forest… the bear, the snake or what else that made me tell you that I almost forgot about this fear. I had the chance not to meet any of them until now, but I respect them and I know that they can be very dangerous in some cases too.

I read lots of articles, I heard lots of stories and I realized that I cannot bury this pleasure of hiking just because this posibility. I also know someone who’s looking for them with enthusiasm every time he goes on the mountains. His entire blog is an inspiration . Ioan Stoenica wrote more about the fears that impressed me a lot!

So, a short  review at the end of the article. 2014 enlarged my horizon! I finally walked in Apuseni (an old deisire, thanks to Viorel, the best cousin, Ponor, Galbenei Valley), I breathe Retezat air (for this trip worth writing a book), Curmatura (with the next target: Piatra Craiului), Omu (climbing different paths, Valea Alba, Valea Cerbului, Valea Morarului), Padina (Valea Horoabei, Piatra Arsa), Piatra Mare (twice), Ciucas (Cheia).

 I always have a diary with me wherever I go, so I can write down all the feeling and all the thoughts passing my mind. I have a detailed description of each trip, and may be I will start to share them with you. What do you think? I learn lot of thinks with every trip I do, that’s my source of energy, of smiles and of power! We all have the acces, you only need to open your heart!

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