Believe in yourself and you will succeed! Follow your dreams and you will be happy!

On my 24th birthday I received from my sister a smart phone. Until that day I was against sophisticated phones. In my opinion, phones were only to keep in touch with people and the camera to take pictures, but two different devices. Should I remember that, one of my nicknames was forever 63?! Now you know why!


This one is the most liked picture on my Instagram Gallery. 32 hearts!

After that moment I remember I was mesmerized about all the different applications for all kind of ideas. I was searching on Play Store  just for fun for different ideas I had. Someone thought about it before so you just need to install them and to give them a try.

With the same lotery I installed Instagram that time.  I saw nothing interesting in it, maybe because I did not give it enough time, and space or maybe because I had no friends already using it. Unistalled, shortly after.

Summer came than, and so the magical trip to Retezat! I remember on the way to the top, my sisters voice telling us: :”Please, a short break here for Instagram, a short break there” and so on. This was stuck into my mind until we got back to the civilization. I was installing it back almost without thinking. And what came after, dear, it’s a long story!

I just love Instagram, because it’s kind of motivational message you receive everyday from the others and kind of challenge to share the beauty of the world with them. It’s a challenge to be every time conscious, aware about the places you are, about every detail around you and about the present moment.

Instagram is something like an ilussion for usual people like me. All the effects and the square shape of the photos make you believe that you are a real photographer. I definitely believe that Instagram is developing your imagination and creativity because with every heart you receive you’ll try to do the best with the next picture.

All the #hashtags you use, are sorting all the photos in categories. You can check and see how others saw the same places or the same things, and that’s in my opinion all the time an inspiration. You have to check by yourself! You cannot be bored again, I swear you, try Instagram!

You can join different challenges (I finished my first one last week for Yoga Academy) or you can meet other instagramers from your city on InstaMeets ( Ivona invited me last autumn at a very pleasant sunny day in Bucharest, I remember I found out new interesting places and special people with the same hobby). What else? Hmm… I also see Instagram as a photo diary! Have I told you before that I’m passionate about diaries and journals? Ooh dear, I have lots of agendas where I write my thoughts, lots of notebooks where I sketch rubble, my Instagram gallery just complete this row.

The statistics are looking like this. I joined Instagram (the second time) in September 2014 and until today I postetd 222 photos, 136 people are following me  and I am folllowing 164 people. Check my gallery on the right side of my blog, it’s part o my sould over there! 

Come into my world! (would say Kylie MInoque) 

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