Believe in yourself and you will succeed! Follow your dreams and you will be happy!

It is well known the fact that I have restless legs and a strong desire to go on mountains. Ooh, I would never miss a free weekend to go on mountains. I feel blessed to have this seed of reconnecting with the nature and essence of life around us.

I know that I inherited this way of living from my family, from my fathers stories and diaries (when he was my age). I know that every single trip planned while living in Medgidia was a very exciting celebrating. The announce that we are going on the mountains the next day, was making me nervous, couldn’t wait more.

Pretty much the same is happning now, when I met special people with the same happiness of hiking. With this unexpected fabulous one day trip I realized once again that mountains are the perfect place to meet more special people with the same desire and free spirit, but also to strengthen old friendships which is so important in our lifes. „Floarea de colt” (Edelweiss) group introduced me on some new kind of trip. The one you decide the trail on the train, in the morning in question.2015-02-14 11.46.05

Andreea was the deck between the groups, Edelweiss and my friends wherewhith I shared some other trips and activities (Nela, Ana and Oby, Ioana). Anisoara was the morning surprise, meeting her again some minutes before the train left the station.

Even if this trip was so full of unexpected because we had no idea what will gonna be, we only knew the forecast with clear sky and sunshine (the red ball of fire on the window was breath taking) and we all know what does this mean (you never trust the forecast until you got there, I was excited about it. My boots were waiting me at the door (as my morning alarm is telling me every single day), my backpack was prepared and my heart open to explore the nature around.

When the train left Campina, Andreea told us that they have decided on the trail, and they chose Baiului Mountains, we were talking about the same mountain until that moment, so we decided to mix groups. 2015-02-14 11.47.42

For the first time I got off the train in Valea larga (Wide valley) and for the first time I was hiking in Baiului Mountains. Wooo hooo! The sun was up on the sky, deep blue sky and we were so enthusiastic. The first part of the trail was through the forest until we reached the plateau.

The sunlight was playing so joyfyul with the trees. All the shades of the firs on the white snow were like real embroidery, and the last part until we reached the plateau was so similar to the fairy tales. Trees with a so interesting color, their shades like a crosswalk, with the traffic light green.  What appeared after the climbing was so like unreal. We needed a break to watch around, to listen the indications of the mountains on the other side of the Valley, Bucegi, crossed by so many steps years ago. 2015-02-14 14.30.24

The view was so similar to a photo diary of my past experiences on mountains. So the joke that we arrived in purgatory was right on time. The sea of white in combination with the deep blue sky was puryfing my soul and my mind. With every step I made I was renewing myself. The sunlight in the middle of February was such a blessing. Unbelievable how much can change the view, the spirit and the enthusiasm the natural light.

Walking on the plateau was such an interesting thing, and even I was hiking at some greater altitude until now, this was a wonderful experience. Keeping my eyes sticked on the sky, on the hotizon, on the left side,and then on the right side and than again from the beginning.2015-02-14 12.56.05

„I am proud to report that my inner child is ageless” and I can be happy so easily. Me and Anisoara had many breaks for trying different asanas from yoga, and a long one to watch the sun and breath, cleared our minds. I am already dreaming about a summer day up there, with yoga settling my inner, or a biking tour. Oooh you should try by yourself to understanf better.

The weather matched the forecast from our souls, beautiful people on Earth. Baiului mountains are much more interesting because they can be reached from different locations, and because they give you a 360 degrees view of the place with little effort regarding the elevation. Baiului are special mounains during winter when you can feel like walking on the  Moon. It gives you the ilusion that you are one step away from the sky. 2015-02-14 14.56.29

We walked 19 kilometers, from 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening, (only 6 hours and a half on efective walk, Oby has the right statistics)  enjoying the route and the breaks and the people in the group.

This very special day will remain into my heart long time from now on, and now that I met you, beautiful people I can feel that some of my 2015 resolutions are almost done! You mentioned some during day and my eyes glittered. 2015-02-14 11.37.17

We hiked, we laughted, we shared group hugs, we shared our feelings, we are like family, aren’t we? And the mountains are the perfect home. I will always be grateful for this precious inheritance, father! It flows through my veins!

PS: Check the other photos on my Instagram gallery! They’ll give you extra energy!

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