Believe in yourself and you will succeed! Follow your dreams and you will be happy!

This should be an everyday purpose, not just a Geocaching event! …And if I take a moment and think, this is kind of my motto! I am one of those who are walking with the eyes fixed on the roofs, or on the mysterious architecture or sniffing around for some green coners. I am the person who is always asking herself „what’s over the fence out there?” or „How would it be to meet the people living up there at the second floor in that house?”

94663ef7dfcb1174fcf43b24da2a346bA Friday messege was for me more like an announce, I still have it in my mind like an echo! Tomorrow it’s a Geocaching event! Will you be at the start? And than thousand of other thoughts invading my mind. Why haven’t I searched for some caches lately?…or why I am always the last one who is hearing about the events in this wonderful game! Nothing than my fault! Last days, I found some old photos, some of them from Danmark, my glorious year when I started to play Geocaching and also last days I was typing some messeges for my next box I’m planning to hide so the answer is YES, I’ll be there!

The starting hour was at 9:26:53 because all over the world peope were celebrating the Pi day. Around 10 and a half we were starting our rediscovering process.The sun was up, and a wonderful Saturday was on the point to be revealed. It’s time for us to start searching for some caches around Bucharest.

Iepu, I should officially thank you for the amazing dedication for the game. Most of the top caches I know are yours, and the one in the memory of the Cherries (Ciresarii, Constantin Chirita) stole my heart! Yes, I finally said it! And I addmit that I wouldn’t keep it in my hands without your help. I have a lot to work to improve my skills in mysteries. But to be more clear for the people that don’t know about this game, with this box and the story behind it I discovered a „secret” place I was thinking of some times ago. Every single box have a story behind, that’s what keeps them alive! So congratulation for every single geocacher who hided a box until now and left there and shared a piece of soul. I have quite various and memories from different boxes, every single one is special. Even this cache is was not part of the event, I should thank Miss Shaddy and Andriexnet for the organization of the event and for hiding all the new caches around. It was a good opportunity to gather all together again. We spent  wonderful time together.

The present article will not be all about geocaching, but you should admit that is a step forward in this wonderful fairytale of rediscovering Bucharest! And I should say that everyday I found an astonishing box hidden I am jumping around like a squirrel! dcf49707b49f1ba31cb94b22ab11f671

But let’s move on…I should record that It’s already a week from my decision of changing the way from the tube to the school I teach. A decision that refreshed my mind and my ability to be present. Yes, you may be already guessed it! Rediscovering the world around you is about being present, not locked into your mind, inprisoned of thousand thoughts!

Being present is about activating all your senses. Changing the involuntary processes into voluntary, like conscious breathing. I love to analyze everything around me, and look for details. Especially at the nature around and architecture. Sometimes when everything is rushing and spinning around, I think about myself that I’ve been born in other era.That’s why I adore Cotroceni, the place where my soul is.

I was writing on an Instagram photo description about this changing in my life I am grateful about. I gave myself the occasion to enjoy the 10 minutes walking every morning. It’s something I have nothing to compare with.

But maybe you should take into consideration the fact that you could rediscover the same old path only by putting your attention on different details. I, by myself, declare that I cannot get bored easily.

And because this article is jumping from one idea to the other I will let you know about another great application on the phone I heard about at Lucia (and I am very thankful). I’m talking about „Conscious” you cand find it on Play Store. It’s a quite simple reminder of being conscious about different things about yourself, about the way you react, or about the ones you interact. It;s like an everyday homework to think about.

You can take it like a challenge. At the end of every day you should write down your thought about the things that moved inside you. They will apprea like annonymous in a list with the other users and you can learn from the others too.

I know that everyone is rushing to achieve something, or running to escape from the past actions, but take a deep breath and enjoy the present. It’s the only way we can change the future things, it’s the only moment when we can take action.

Take a deep breath and look up on the sky, listen for your steps, smell the fresh air of spring, taste a delicious fruit or something that makes you happy, touch a tree or hug it then you will be feeling like shouting of joy, yeeeey!

Get out of your mind and live!

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