Believe in yourself and you will succeed! Follow your dreams and you will be happy!

At the very beginning of the year when everyone was seting goals and resolutions I read on internet about some yoga rituals to start the new year with a clear body and mind. I should admit that I needed some more motivation to start the 108 Sun salutation repetitions, so the time passed away. 

11080079_944324748934625_719804409_nThursday evening Tatiana told me about the event organized by Crista Ionescu, so I decided to make a step forward to my intention. I immediatly made a decision! I must be at Crista Studio’s Saturday at 11:00. Nothing more fantastic than the shining sun temting us to go outside and smile to the world! My soul was hopping eagerly, everything inside me was so alive and energetic.

Before I will share with you my experience, I should tell you some information about this magical ritual. Maybe the first question  that comes to your mind is about the number, why 108, what’s so special with this number?

  • The story starts with the Sanskrit Alphabet which has 54 letters, each has feminine and masculine;
  • 108 is a Harshad number- that means that it is an integer divisible by the sum of its digits (the meaning of Harshad – great joy)
  • Some say that there are 108 feelings, 36 related to past, 36 related to present and 36 related to future.
  • Sun and Earth – the diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth;  This number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth: The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters.
  • The symbolism of the numbers: 1 = God or higher Truth; 0 = emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice; 8 = infinity or eternity;11073715_944211965612570_1229272930_n

There are many other explanations and links to understand the number related to other domains or other culture, religions but I think to myslf that the experience is more important. And above all what is your intentions to do this practice.

It can be anything, but you should focus on something more specific, to give it enegy and power to realize in your life. It should be something that makes you feel free and young.  I woke up with a boost of energy because when I fell asleep I released my mind of too much thinking and too much expectations. The life is happening right now and we should feel this way.

So Crista kindly reminded us to set an intention before we start. I had it before, but I decided to write it down. You know a thought written down has more power to become real, it is a commitment.

The sun was sending its warm on the large window at the studio through the turquoise curtain, from time to time two pigeons were walking on the edge, everything was so perfect…so after Crista presented us the variations and other guidence for the practice we started.11072188_944212012279232_715164387_n

The ecuation looks like this (7 x Sun Salutation A + 2 Sun Salutation B) x12

It was my first time  when I practiced so much with my eyes closed, being focused at my body, my feelings, my sensations and most of all my breathing. The process of breathing is so magical. You are more powerful and more capable breathing so don’t you ever hesitate to take a deep breath before an important decision or to clear your mind of problems or worries.

I was telling you in the beginning that I was not so convinced to practice it alone. Yes, it is true. It is more powerful to know that other people are practicing in the same time, you can keep up the same rhytm. And I guess that is more powerful because you stick together with people that have the same goals and principles in life as the proverb says: „birds of a feather flock together”.

The feeling of getting hotter and hotter, breathing deeper and deeper, concentrate more and more is absolutely amazing. Overcome your limits, your mental barriers is something that should be transfered to real life and situations too. To be determinate in all your goals and objectives.

Crista did the difficult part of the practice, she remembered us when to breath in and when to breath out just to be sure that we are keeping up the good work, she counted everything and she encouraged us during the practice. Thank you so much for this wonderful day, you are such a special person. 10958005_944324738934626_1089415905_n

After we finished all the repetitions, my body was feeling great, that happiness after you finish something exhausting and you did it! All the stretches after to cool down the body were giving me peace and gratitude.

The Savasana at the end I experienced it in a different way and it was interesting to see how my body and my mind work together. With every breath I felt flowers blossom into my heart chakra, I felt my arms growing branches of leafs and buds, I saw my head on a top of the mountain, I felt my feet into the wet sand, so grounded into the nature into the life.

Such a blessing to celebrate the Spring Equinox like this, letting go the cold winter and hugging the fresh spring! I feel new, I feel more motivated, more comminted to my plans!


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