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Promotia 2015, Clasa a VIII-a C, Ultima ora de dirigentie ~ Iunie 2015

Ar fi multe de scris pana aici, insa acest moment deosebit m-a starnit sa revin pe blog indiferent de timpul disponibil ce il am sau energia care clipoceste in baterie! E un moment ce trebuie celebrat si pastrat in cutia cu amintiri.

Saptamana ce a trecut am avut parte de „Ultima ora de dirigentie”, in calitate de diriginta dar si de primul banchet cu ai mei dragi copii. A fost o perioada cu multe deadline-uri, cu multe lucruri de facut si de rezolvat, insa am incercat sa bifez tot pe lista. Si mai sper ca m-am ridicat la nivelul asteptarilor voastre, Ciresarilor. (mai mult…)

Celebrating the Spring Equinox

At the very beginning of the year when everyone was seting goals and resolutions I read on internet about some yoga rituals to start the new year with a clear body and mind. I should admit that I needed some more motivation to start the 108 Sun salutation repetitions, so the time passed away.  (mai mult…)

[RE]Discover Bucharest! Rediscover you!

This should be an everyday purpose, not just a Geocaching event! …And if I take a moment and think, this is kind of my motto! I am one of those who are walking with the eyes fixed on the roofs, or on the mysterious architecture or sniffing around for some green coners. I am the person who is always asking herself „what’s over the fence out there?” or „How would it be to meet the people living up there at the second floor in that house?”

(mai mult…)

My first steps on Baiului Mountains

It is well known the fact that I have restless legs and a strong desire to go on mountains. Ooh, I would never miss a free weekend to go on mountains. I feel blessed to have this seed of reconnecting with the nature and essence of life around us.

I know that I inherited this way of living from my family, from my fathers stories and diaries (when he was my age). I know that every single trip planned while living in Medgidia was a very exciting celebrating. The announce that we are going on the mountains the next day, was making me nervous, couldn’t wait more.

(mai mult…)

Watch the sky, the stars and the beautiful Univers! You are part of it!

Last evening I had a precious view on the window, the gradient of the twilight, all the colors of the rainbow after the sunset. I don’t know if you noticed it before, but you can try to catch it on the serene evening sky! It will change all your thoughts or your state of mind. 

And because I have lots of things to share with you about sky and stars, I decided to finally tell you some!

(mai mult…)

How did I start to bike? You can also do it!

Checking my mail last days I saw a newslater from Lucian Mandruta, the initiator of the event: „Biking to the sea” (Cu bicicleta la mare) and I noticed that I have no article written about one of my biggest change in my habbit last year.

It’s time for memories, so let’s open the box! (mai mult…)